How to Start Handicraft Business in India

Handicraft Business

The handicraft industry is a booming business if you plan to stat a Handicraft Business. It is a good decision for you. This business is a long term business and gives profitable in the long term. In the early age or starting of a business is little struggling for you? Handicraft industry is becoming large due to the choice of people. Nowadays people demand handmade antique piece to showcase at their house. People love to collect this entire kind of antique piece. People love to collect the entire cultural and antique piece.

Even foreigners also love to purchase these kinds of handmade antique pieces. Handcraft business deals in so many things like a bamboo piece, glass piece, painting and many more.

Which Registration Required For Business Startup

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About Handicraft Business and Industry

Handicraft industry is one of the most lucrative industries nowadays. Handicraft industry deals in a large number of things. People make handicraft items by hand and also used machinery. In handicraft business, people make different items like a bamboo bucket, flowers vase, Mat, jute bags and many more. All these items are easily made by everyone.

People made these items by their hands and machinery also and showcase their creativity & innovation. In the handicraft Industry, people also do exhibition & fairs to showcase their creativity. A person gets good opportunities for their business in these kinds of exhibition & fair.

Handicraft Business Startup

Find out about zoning regulations, licenses and permits

You have to do the registration of business and also apply for the license. Which are required for the start of handicraft business? Registration of the company and apply for a license is the initial phase to start a business. All these are a legal process to start a business.

Acquaint yourself with IRS regulations.

IRS regulation is all about the tax consideration for the self-employed people. As we all know handicraft business is all done at a small level from your home. So you need to know about IRS regulation.

Promote business in local public

After completing the registration procedure of your business.  Next step is to promote your business amongst localities. You can register your business among localities by doing the fair & exhibition.

Open a checking account for your business.

Next step is to open your current account for your business. So that all transaction related to your business could be done from only one account.

Location & equipment

Next step is to find a location to start your business. To start handicraft business you need an area according to your business need. The area may be small or big. In handicraft business, most of the time people make items by their hand. So its happen in less product when you need machinery.

Find a supplier of raw material

Next step is finding the supplier who provides the raw material to make the product in bulk.

Set up a good record-keeping system.

If you start your business at large scale so need to keep tracking of goods. So it is better that you can hire a person who maintains a record of all these.


Q: Is handicraft business profitable?

Ans: Yes, Handicraft business is a profitable business. Handicraft business is the best craft business. It is difficult to start any business. But In long-term it gives good return around as compared to 9 to 5 job.

Q: How do businesses promote handicraft?

There is various medium to promote any business. To do the promotion of any business few things could be done:

  1. Online Marketplaces
  2. E-commerce Websites
  3. Local Markets and Events
  4. Art, craft, and Music Festivals
  5. Paid campaign on various media
  6. Social Media and Advertising
  7. Posting blog on social media and another medium.

Q: How can I sell handicraft online?

Ans: There are so many platforms to sell product online. On these platforms, you can easily sell your product. And earn a good amount of money. On these platforms, there is some formality which you need to fulfill before start selling your products.

  1. Craftsy
  2. Dawanda
  3. eBay
  4. eCrater
  5. Etsy
  6. Folksy

Q: How many steps to start a handicraft business?

Ans: People who plan to start a handicraft business. You need to do market research. Every business need market analysis. And this is good for business to can plan a strategy to achieve goals.

Few steps to register the handicraft business:

  • Business plan
  • Company registration & license
  • Location
  • Find suppliers
  • Equipment & packaging material
  • Manpower 

Q: Is it safe to consume packaged water in plastic water??

Ans: Yes it is safe to consume packaged water in plastic water. Because the plastic material used to contain naturally bottled plastic.

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