ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001-2015 Certification

ISO Certification  refers to the International Organization for Standardization, abbreviated as ISO is a globally renowned branch that gives and ensures a certain standard of quality, safety, and efficiency in the services and goods dealt by any business. An ISO certification speaks high volumes to the standards of products or services rendered by the institution. It is globally acknowledged and it can help to set your business aside from other businesses in competition.

There are numerous ISO Registration  including ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 13845, ISO 31000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 27000, etc. for different avenues of business like Quality Management, Environmental Management, Information security Management, Food Safety Management, etc. It is important to choose the certification pertaining to your business needs.

As the ISO itself does not give out the certifications external bodies are responsible to complete the task. Although the process of getting an ISO certification is not tough, it can be long and tiring varying from organization to organization. It is also susceptible to mistakes that can cost your institution an essential certificate. Getting in touch with professional consultants like FilingBuzz can help you to avoid such a loss by eliminating the possibilities of errors, resulting in a smooth and successful process.

We deals with

1 - ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Government Tenders @ Rs: 4,999/-(For 3 Years) 

2 - HACCP Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
3 - WHO-GMP Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
4 - BIFMA Certification @ Rs: 
4999/- (For 3 Years)
5 - ROHS Certification @ Rs: 
4999/- (For 3 Years)
6 - CE Marketing @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
7 - ISO 14001 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
8 - ISO 45001 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
9 - ISO 22000 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
10 - ISO 27001 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
11 - ISO 50001 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
12 - ISO 13485 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
13 - ISO 20000 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
14 - ISO 10002 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
15 - ISO 16603 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
16 - ISO 22609 Certification @ Rs: 4999/- (For 3 Years)
17 - HALAL Certification @ RS: 4999/- (For 3 Years)

Types of ISO Certification

  • ISO 9000 - Quality Management
  • ISO / IEC 27000 - Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 14000 - Environmental Management
  • ISO 31000: 2018 - Risk Management
  • ISO 50001: 2018 - Energy Management
  • ISO 26000: 2010 - Social Responsibility
  • ISO 28000: 2007 - Specifications for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain
  • ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 22000 - Food Management Systems

Documents Required for ISO Certification

  • Copy of PAN Card  (Proprietor/Partner/Director)
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card  (Proprietor/Partner/Director)
  • One copy of sales bill One copy of purchase bill
  • GST Certificate (Optional)
  • Certificate of Incorporation  (In case company is Private Limited Or LLP Or Limited)
  • Company Pan Card  (In case company is Private Limited Or LLP Or Limited or Partnership Firm)
  • Partnership Deed  (In case partnership Firm)

Why we need ISO Registration?

  1. To meet and satisfied Customer Requirements.
  2. To Get More Revenue and Business from New Customers.
  3. To Improve Company and Product Quality.
  4. To Describe, Understand, and Communicate Your Company Processes.
  5. To Develop a Professional Culture and Better Employee Morale.
  6. To Improve the Consistency of Your Operations.
  7. To Improve Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money.
  8. To  Achieve International Quality Recognition.
  9. To Get government Tenders.
  10. To Improve Business Efficiency.
  11. To Improve Market liability.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Getting an ISO certification brings along many advantages with it. It greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of businesses, giving them an edge over their competitors. Here are some key advantages:

Increased credibility and competitiveness

An ISO 9001 speaks high volume about the quality of an institution products and services and ensures the customers of a certain standard of quality thus, ensuring credibility and giving an edge over the competitors.

Lower costs

An ISO 9001:2015 assists in improving the manufacturing or any other processes involved in the business. Thus, the resources are more effectively and efficiently put to use which helps to lower the expenses and save money.

Higher customer satisfaction

An ISO 9001:2015 seal helps to bring mental and emotional satisfaction regarding the questions related to the quality of a product or the service to their consumers thus, ensuring higher overall consumer satisfaction, leading to repeat business.

Greater market share and Higher revenue

An ISO 9001 certification also helps the business to become more dynamic, flexible, and fast during market changes and use the opportunities effectively to get a larger market share and increase its overall revenues.

More integrated and synced internal processes

The quality control ensured by ISO 9001 demands certain rules and requirements which result in better sync and integration in the basic processes involved in the business.

Globally recognized certification

The ISO 9001 certification is globally recognized thus, allowing businesses to enter a larger market and deal with companies across the border, leading in development and growth.

Some of the benefits to your customers

  • Improved quality and service
  • Delivery on time
  • Right first time attitude
  • Fewer returned products and complaints
  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality

ISO 9001 Certified Benefits SMMs

Having an ISO certification is important for SMMs because of its ability to enact growth, profitability, and cost savings. The benefit of reducing waste also allows your workforce to be more efficient and establish ongoing QMS standards for improvement and sustainable customer success.

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