DIN Number Registration

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DIN Number Registration

DIN Number Registration

Director Identification Number (DIN)is a unique 8 digit number that is allotted by the Central Government to any person intending to be a Director or an existing director of a company. It is required for all the present and proposed Directors of Company. The concept of DIN was introduced in India by the way of the Companies Amendment Act, 2006. Once  DIN allotted it has lifetime validity. Details of the directors are maintained in a database through the DIN number.

DIN is individual specific to any person, which means even if he is a director in 2 or more companies, then he has a need to obtain only 1 DIN. And in some cases, if he leaves a company and joins some other company, the same DIN would work in the other company as well.

Generally, a DIN number can be used for registering a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or an existing DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number) and can be used for registering a Company.

Where is DIN used?

Whenever a return, an application, or any information related to a company will be submitted under any law, the director signing such return, application or information will mention his DIN underneath his signature.

Features of DIN Number

  • DIN number is an 8 digit unique number that is allotted to each one of the applicants.
  • Once the DIN Number is allotted it never expires and no filing is needed to maintain validity.
  • DIN and DPIN Numbers are interchangeable. DIN is required for Company incorporation whether DPIN is required for LLP Registration.
  • DIN is usually allotted immediately when the applicant applied. But in some cases, further documents may be requested.  

DIN is mandatory for

Requirements for registration of DIN 

Required Documents for DIN Registration: -

  1. A recent color Passport size photograph of the Applicant. 
  2. Proof of Identity like- -Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Like Aadhar Card)
  3. Proof of residence 
  4. Proof of  Date of Birth
  5. Evidence in the case of a single name as per the guidelines.
  6. Copy of passport in the case of foreign nationals.2. Self-Attested PAN card copy 
  7. E-mail ID and Contact Number

Process for apply DIN:

  • Fill  SPICe Form with Attach Proof of Identity and Address Proof
  •  Fill DIR-3 Form with an attached document such as Photograph, Identity proof, Residence proof, Verification (Name, fathers name, present address, date of birth, the text of the declaration, and physical signature of the applicant) In case of foreign nationals, they are needed to submit their passport as an identity proof. 
  •  Documents should be attested by a CA or CS or CMA
  • Digitally signed form DIR 3 and uploaded on MCA21 Portal.
  •  Instant approved

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