Patent Registration

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Patent Registration

Patent Registration

A patent is an exclusive right permitted by the government to the inventor for an invention which is a new and inventive solution to an existing technological problem. The exclusive rights include the right to exploit the invention commercially and also it acts as a barrier for others from intervening in such exploitation, in the case of intervening the patentee have the right to sue and get compensation for his damages. The patent rights are granted for a limited period of time in exchange for complete public disclosure of the invention. In India, Patent is being governed by the Patent Act 1970 & Patent Rules 1972. By patenting an invention, the patentee is able to sale that, importing that product, using that or making renewal of that for life long. If you file for patient registration its applicable for the coming 20 years. Important point is that you can patent your invention for a period, not life long. you can patient anything, related to many fields like science, arts, culture, tradition, literature etc. there is a different firm to the patient registration process. 

Benefits of patent registration

  • A patent gives you the right to stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing your invention without your permission.
  • You get protection for a predetermined period, allowing you to keep competitors at bay.
  • You can then use your invention yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can license your patent for others to use it, or sell it, as with any asset. This can provide an important source of revenue for your business. Indeed, some businesses exist solely to collect the royalties from a patent they have licensed - perhaps in combination with a registered design and trademark.
  • As you are the owner so you have all the legal right to use against your patent, so no one can damage or copy your invention.
  • Through patent registration, you can use ur patent all over the world.
  • Patent registration will provide a unique competitive edge for the business. Competitors will not be allowed to use the patented invention for similar goods or services.

Procedure for Patent Registration

  • Step 1: Patentability/Novelty Search
  • Step 2: Patent Drafting
  • Step 3: Patent Filing
  • Step 4: Publication
  • Step 5: Request for Examination
  • Step 6: Issuance of Examination Report
  • Step 7: Hearing with the Controller
  • Step 8: Grant of Patent

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