How to sell product on Amazon

Sell Products on Amazon

People are techno-friendly nowadays. They purchase things online on a single click. There are lots of companies which deal in online shopping like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal and many more. As we all know Internet users have a good base in India.

In India, people are using online shopping so e-commerce business grows day by day. People easily purchase various needed things on a “single click” within a seconds. E-commerce business deals in various Industries. Present Era is of Digitization or technology, that is why e-commerce business grows very rapidly.

E-commerce business needs so many steps to start. There are some formalities which need to be done before starting the business.

Documents Required For Products Listing on Amazone

About Amazon & Ecommerce

E-commerce business holds the largest percentage in India. In E-commerce business, Digital marketing & promotion is important to factor to grow faster. In India, E-commerce business grows rapidly every month. When people placed orders, they preferably use cash on delivery (COD) method for doing the payment. E-commerce business grows rapidly due to various reasons.

  1. Consume less time.
  2. Fewer efforts
  3. Safe & secure
  4. Easy to use

Amazon is the largest e-commerce portal to sell. Amazon provides so many features like selling of product by a different vendor, buying the product, seller registration, buyer registration. Amazon provides the facility to users to grow their business on Amazon business. People register on the Amazon platform as a vendor.

Why sell the product on Amazon

  • Secure payments – if you sell a product on Amazon. Don not worry about the payments. Your payments are secure.
  • Stress-free shipping of order – when you start selling of product. You don not worry about the shipping of order .because amazon also provides delivery of orders.
  • Services to help you at every step – Amazon also provides support services to improve your business.
  • Expand your business – you can expand your business by selling the product on amazon market will provide you a regular income.
  • Get customers globally – as you start selling a product on Amazon. You can get customer globally all around the world. Some customer has become your regular customers.

How to sell a product?

Sell on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snap deal

You can sell your product on Amazon after doing a simple register. Register process needs some business information and contact details.

Showcase your product

When the registration is complete you can start showcasing your product. Or we can say start uploading of the product on Amazon marketplace.

Calculate fees & profit

You start selling a product on Amazon. After that, you have to calculate your fees and profit also.

Pack your product

People start buying your product. Next step is to start packaging of that particular order.

Deliver my orders

Order is ready to deliver. Deliver your product at the mentioned address of the customer.

Get help & support

If there is any problem. You can take help of Amazon customer support.


Q: How to register on Amazon?

Ans: To register on Amazon for selling a product is a simple process. For registration, you need following details 

  • Your Business details
  • Your Contact details- email & phone number
  • Basic information about your business

Q: How to sell a product on Amazon?

Ans: If you start your business recently and you want to increase the sell of your product. You can do registration on Amazon marketplace for that. When you register your business on Amazon marketplace. After that, you can start selling.

Q: What type of product I sell on Amazon??

Ans: Amazon is a big platform to sell product online. There is a number of categories to sell a product. People can sell product according to their business. There are few categories in which you can sell a product after the approval of marketplace authorized person. Some categories are restricted.  List of few categories in which you can sell products.

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Baby products
  • Books
  • Personal Care Appliances

Q: I do not have a website; can I sell on Amazon?

Ans: Selling of a product is on an Amazon marketplace simplest thing. For this, it is not mandatory that you have a website. You can sell a product on marketplace by completing a simple registration. After the registration complete. You can start selling the product in various categories.

Q: What are the charges for selling on Amazon??

Ans: Amazon did not charge anything at the time of registration. When you start selling of product or we can say when you get to order the charges are applicable. For the charge, there is a list.

Q: Can I cancel my account??

Ans: Yes you can cancel your account. Or we can say there is no need to cancel to your account. You can stop selling of product. Or remove any service which is running with your account.

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